Saturday, May 9, 2009

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms. Insomnia, anxiety, iritability, headache...

Marijauna detox

Marijuana is not heroin…but neither is it the same marijuana that it was 20 or even 10 years ago, and as the potency has risen almost 10 fold over the decades, so to have the risks of addiction, the risks of developing a tolerance and experiencing withdrawal symptoms with marijuana cessation.

Marijuana detox and withdrawal is not dangerous but it can be very uncomfortable, and it can be difficult to overcome the cravings back to use and abuse. Many people can use marijuana recreationally without developing dependency issues, but many hundreds of thousands cannot, and it is not at all ridiculous to seek professional assistance if you are having difficulty overcoming an addiction to marijuana.

The risks of marijuana addiction

Long term marijuana use can have a negative effect on health and well being. Marijuana use promotes cancer, and it also increases the probability of experiencing certain psychiatric conditions such as anxiety, psychosis and depression. It is also linked to memory loss and cognitive deficits, as well as a sense of lethargy that can pervade all waking hours.

Marijuana use, even heavy marijuana use is very unlikely to kill you; but it can lessen your quality of life, make you a little bit duller, and increase the risks of psychological deficits. If you are using marijuana everyday, you may want to seriously consider taking a break from regular intoxication.

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms to marijuana can be somewhat characterized as the opposite to the intoxicating effects of the drug…instead of hunger, a loss of appetite, and instead of drowsiness, an inability to sleep.

Some additional symptoms of marijuana withdrawal can include headache, nausea, anxiety (common) paranoia and even irritability or aggression.

These sensations will endure with some intensity for several days before gradually subsiding, and it is during this period that the cravings to use are strongest, and there is the greatest risk of relapse.

Marijuana detox treatment

The symptoms of marijuana withdrawal, although uncomfortable, are generally not medically serious and there is no often used pharmacological treatment for the easing of symptoms.

Exercise is very commonly promoted as an effective way to reduce the severity of experienced withdrawal symptoms, and as well as a way to keep yourself busy enough to reduce the cravings back to use. Exercise can help fatigue your body making sleep easier, may stimulate your appetite, and can also release endorphins that can help with some of the feelings of irritability and lethargy.

Some drug treatment professionals advocate saunas as a way to rid the body of metabolites of the drug, although there is no clear consensus on the real efficacy of this routine. It can't hurt though, and it may make you feel better.

If you can’t do it on your own…get some professional help

If you are having real difficulty overcoming your cravings, or find that you are unable to stop even though you try with determination, you should consider getting professional help.

Thousands of people enter into drug treatment or rehab every year for marijuana addiction issues, and the period of intense therapies and a good month away from access to the drug can have real benefits towards long term sobriety.

Marijuana addiction is real and withdrawal is a medically recognized syndrome of symptoms. It can be tough to overcome the cravings back to use…and to resist the use of a drug that you know will make all of the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal disappear; but it is worth it, these symptoms will ease in a few days, and the clarity of marijuana sobriety can be great.